Where does Echo of the Sky comes from?

 We are looking forward to develop a game imbued with the Indian culture and fantasy where the player end up every game session with a positive feeling. We focus our game experience around Saira, the main character, the poetic environment and atmosphere and our unique core mechanic: the Echo!


We're studying video game development at Cnam-Enjmin, the only French public video game school which offers a Master's Degree in six different specialties (Game Design, Programming, Graphic Design, Sound Design, Management and Ergonomics).

Echo of the Sky is a 4 months project where we have to realize a vertical slice of a complete game to submit it to the CNC in February !

This year, regarding the pandemic situation, we are working for most of the team on a open space with a lot of sanitary restrictions but some other members had to work remotely which gives us a whole new challenge to come through.

Meet the team!

"My main goal as an environment artist is to create enviroments with subtile narration. I also have a strong interest about level art, because working hand to hand with level designers allows the player to explore an interesting level. I really like teamwork because everyone can bring inspiration to each other."

Charline Faure

Environment & concept artist


Maximiliano Kossyrczyk 

Character artist


Kévin Gouesnard

Environment artist


Terry Perez-Gervais

Sound Designer & Composer

"Passionate about rhythm games and architecture, Echo of the Sky is a great opportunity for me to design about my favorite subjects. I enjoy working on Level Design, documentation, prototyping and communication with the artistic team."

Wissam Azzi

Game & Level Designer

"As my love for staging has no limits, I love crafting different ways to convey narration efficiently and integrate them afterwards. I enjoy writing situations that gives significance to the characters, the storytelling and the gameplay."

Loïc da Silva

Narrative Designer & Writer

"Curious and versatile, I enjoy working with designers and artists to help bring their ideas and arts to life."

Guilhem Pech

Gameplay Programmer

"I love to develop a solid and modular architecture which allow the team to be versatile and test as many combinations as possible. I enjoy to create shaders and effects to immerse the player."

Samuel Busson

Gameplay Programmer

"He/Him. Tell me something I don't know yet (Really, I'm always starving for learning). I'm a dreamer aiming to transmit a fascinating vision of the world and make it a better place. When i don't think about people and players, I sleep."

Valentin Stemetz

UX designer

"I really enjoy human contact with the client or with teamwork responsibility . I'm a calm young man who can handle a project with care and interest by giving my coworkers the attention and motivation for them to succeed. I'm accustomed to a fast-paced environment where deadlines are a priority and handling multiple jobs simultaneously is a requirement."

Antoine Thevenoux

Producer and Market-analyst

Extended Team

Pierre Espaignet • 3D Animator
Duhita Jagtiani • Voice of Saira
Aya Ghoniem • Voice of Trisha
Laurianne Espinadel • Singing performance
Thisara Bandara • Violin performance
Yann Imbert • Composer