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The world of Echo of the Sky is based on a fictional universe inspired by India and hinduism. Long time ago, the Earth was dying. Gods sent remaining realms standing still to the sky, then offered three powers to humans:

  • Voicers can, with their voice, impact the environment around them using the five elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Aether).
  • Hearingers can hear everything, whether it be hidden conversations, the unspoken, intuitions, desires, everything above the human understanding
  • Touchers can, by a simple touch, feel and act on living beings, to heal them for example.

The game focuses on Saira's story, a merchant endowed with the power, finding a book one day. This book features a poem that she doesn't understand fully, but it leads her to a temple outside of her city where she discovers the Air Chant. This is the beggining of a journey in search of the final step of the Purusharta: Emancipation. During her trip, she will develop her power, through obstacles but also encounters...